Jean Pierre Marty


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Born in Perpignan, France, in 1961. At the age of 5, Jean Pierre moved to Barcelona, Spain. His father, had moved there a few years earlier, in order to create a company specializing in, creating and manufacturing industrial kitchen projects.

After graduating from the Lycée Français de Barcelone, Jean Pierre returned to France. Based in Toulouse, he gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His university dissertation and final project consisted of, the study of manufacturing an industrial range, which included, an internship, working with a company specializing ,in custom-made, heavy duty, industrial kitchens.

In 1985, he moved to Chicago,USA, to work at Keating. This company was the leader in manufacturing chrome plated griddles and fryers. His first job was to implement a CAD process, (Computerized Assisted Design) in the engineering department. Afterwards, he moved into the technical – sales department, his role was to develop the commercial relationship between Keating and large American foodservice consultants.

Following his extremely beneficial experience in the USA, he returned to Spain, to start working in the family business. His first job was the implementation of the CAD process. In the beginning he worked mainly on kitchen projects and later became the projects’ department manager.

Much later, when the family business was acquired by an international investment group, he decided to change his professional orientation. He started a new business, working as a freelance consultant, focusing on engineering and architectural processes for hospitality ventures, including catering, restaurants and hotel projects.